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Santa Claus isn't selling anything this year:):) There are lots of good merchant pages out there. On you'll find lots of free fun things to entertain you and your family...

There are plenty of places to buy Christmas Presents on the web, but there's only one! The best way we can make better is to know what YOU want to see here and show your work and ideas on this website. Buying and making Green Gifts, is an easy way to keep the earth healthy. Let's all work towards that goal! After all, Santa Claus belongs to everyone! If you have any suggestions that you would like me to add to the site, email me: Email Santa or if you want to contribute more ideas to this website and have your own pictures and Christmas and Santa Claus design be a part of, please visit our Santa Claus News page, where there are many ways to become a part of what's on!


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