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Is Santa Claus Real or Not? Announces “Original Christmas Song Search 2008″ is inviting songwriters to participate in our first annual “Original Christmas Song Search 2008″. We are inviting songwriters to post links to their original Christmas songs to this newsgroup, We will feature the all the best liked on a special web page during our Christmas 2008 season. This is not a contest. It is just a way of having the community select some of their favorite songs. And, bring some good music to good people!

Santa Claus Christmas Stories

If you’ve written a great Santa Claus story or a Christmas Story, we would like to share it on our blog. Also if you know of a great new book, or old book, or not-so-well-known treasure, we’d love to hear from you!

Christmas & Santa Claus Movie Reviews

Please post YOUR reviews of Christmas movies or just great movies for kids and families. Let us know what real people think of movies for families and kids.

Santa Claus Christmas Animations

Santa Claus animations and Christmas animations are a passion of our on Our site if filled with original 2D Santa Claus cartoons of Santa Claus, of course the brains behind the big guy: Mrs. Claus, the Elves, the reindeer, Rudolph and friends. And they are doing some cool things: Beach volleyball, surfing and hanging five, or just sitting around drinking hot chocolate. We would like to see your animations as well. AND, we would like to hear your ideas for things you’d like added to

Other winter holidays besides Christmas

There are many other winter holidays besides Christmas, such as Hannukah and Kwanza. We would like to learn more about your special holidays and how they’re celebrated.

Welcome to the kids Christmas Santa Claus Blog

Share you Christmas ideas here and make worldwide friends!

We want to hear YOUR original Christmas songs!

You can hear my original Christmas song: Christmas in the Sun but please send us your!

The Norad Santa Tracker

Santa is very anxious to see the new NORAD Santa Tracking site this year. They will be working with Google maps to track Santa Claus in his Sleigh on Christmas eve as he makes his magical speed trip around the world to drop off presents and I have a feeling it will be quite interesting! We will keep you posted and hope you get to use it on Christmas eve to see where I am!

The Italian Christmas Eve Seafood Tradition

August 22nd, 2008

Growing up in NYC in an Italian family, everyone got the most excited about Christmas Eve dinner. Christmas dinner was not quite as big an event. The dishes were mostly Italian seafood delicacies. Linguine and clams, mussels, calamari, and some that are too scary to mention here:)

Santa Claus Christmas Community Big Elf Welcome

Welcome to the Santa Claus’ Christmas Blog. This part of belongs to our visitors. We want to us this blog to learn how to make a really special place on the Web. is a very special name. The name “Santa” was used and branded long before electricity was commonly used in our homes, let alone computers or the Internet! The mere mention of this five letter word “Santa”, and a kids eyes light up, and an adult remembers being a child. We will start out our blog with several themes which we intend to expand upon as we grow. Enjoy! — Big Elf

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