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Santa could use some Help! We don't care if we're the best Christmas Website. We just want you to have fun here. But a vote for the best Christmas Website will help everyone NEXT year find the sites that really have something positive and fun to offer! So please vote!

The BEST SANTA CLAUS Websites / The Best Christmas Websites
AS decided by the BEST Judges: YOU!
Choose as many as you like. As long as you feel the're good ones...

Too many Christmas Websites was created just to make money! That is not the spirit of Christmas. Wesites need money to exist, but Christmas websites shouldn’t be designed JUST to make money and offer nothing meaningful or fun or genuine on the site. Do a search for the “Best Santa website” or Best Christmas Website”, “Best Santa Claus website” and you may be shocked to see that most, if not all, the lists were self-serving, listing their own site and other non-related sites just to publicize themselves and NOT to offer any useful information. It is in this interest that wishes to let the best judges in the universe: real peopl, kids and parents, show the world where the best Christmas websites are. And it shouldn’t be a contest. Just a way to develop a list of NOT “made for profit” Christmas Websites, but Christmas websites that are worth visiting with your kids. Post your suggestions here and a reason why you like it. Thank you!!

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"Best Santa Claus Websites"

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