Are Santa’s Reindeer Boys or Girls? Male or Female?

Since Santa Claus treats every living thing with equal respect, when Santa picks out reindeer, he doesn’t pay attention to their gender or sex. He is only concerned with their job-related qualities and character as role models for children. So if they are nice and kind, and if they are really strong fliers with big hearts that know how to get a tough job done on time, Santa Claus is happy to have them on the team!

There is some talk that only female reindeer have antlers, and that is generally true. But, in the case of reindeer empowered to fly at high speed in the dark, antlers have proven to be important for balance and safety… So, when the Reindeer get their magical flying powers on Christmas Eve, all of them have a full set of antlers to keep things running smoothly on the long journey.

There are many new and interesting Christmas Songs on And, one of them is called: “Picking Up Santa Claus” which tells the story of How Reindeer Fly from a Reindeer point of view:)

  1. sccbadmin

    Are Santa Claus reindeer boys or girls. It matters less these days than it did 20 years ago. But let’s hope it’s a mix! The best of both worlds. But thank you for these very interesting facts about reindeer!

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