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Santa Claus Welcomes Every Person and Faith!
Santa Claus speaks every language. Select one:

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Is Santa Claus Real or Not? Ask a Reindeer. Or Rudolph.

Decorate a Christmas Tree with Santa Claus space

Is Santa Claus Real? Oh, that hurts! But questions are good. Curiosity is a good thing!

Is santa claus real or not? If I had a cookie for each Is Santa Clause Real email, my sleigh wouldn't get off the ground! Is Santa Real?

Are YOU real? Here's my poem AND my official answer! Is Santa Claus Real? After a few hundred years, you'd think I'd kind of get used to this question:)

Here's a poem I wrote that expresses how I feel:

Is Santa Real?
©2008 John Salerno

From many a child I often hear
A question one would think I’d fear.
So inquisitive their minds
So bright their eyes
I'd never be a party
to feeding them lies?

“Santa are you real?” they ask and ask.
Answering each in earnest is monumental task!
Driven like a race car
Persistent – oh they are –
They whisper in my ear...
They shout it from afar!

Santa are you real or NOT?
My friends all say you’re fake!

Please answer me -- once and for all
Answer NOW, for Christmas sake!

Well I answer the question
From my quiet home
With another question that's not even my own:
If I’m not real...
Then who wrote this poem?

It’s the SPIRIT you see
That makes Santa “BE”
And certainly now,
While that SPIRIT's in ME

I AM the Real Santa

©2008 John Salerno. All rights reserved.

Decorate a Christmas Tree with Santa Claus space
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