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Celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa with SANTA CLAUS, Elves and Reindeer
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Santa Claus' Christmas Family and Friends Animated North Pole Cartoon for Kids from 1- 92. Starring: Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Santa's Elves, Rudolph and Santa's Reindeer | Sitemap
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Make A Christmas List or holiday wish list on the Santa Claus Gift Registry. Tell Santa Claus the toys and gifts you want Santa to bring you.
Select your favorite new Christmas  song and make it tomorrow’s classic! Your friend or relative wants you
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A Santa Claus in Every Language Game: He is famous all over the world. So, on this page you will find his name in many different languages. Try to find them and guess the number.
Hint: If you don't know what something means, copy it and paste it into Google Translate. It will tell you the language and what it means!

Hear original Christmas Songs by talented artists and songwriters worldwide. Review and select your favorite Christmas Song Make a christmas list to Santa Claus. Christmas Gift Registry Gift Registry New Member Registration Gift Registry Login
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Santa Christmas: Santa Claus' House Animations, Rudolph, Elf & Reindeer Games,  Santa Claus Songs, Stories, Santa Claus Pictures,  Letter to Santa Claus. Animated Santa Claus' House, Toy Factory Animation. Santa Claus Reindeer Animation. Gift Registry. Everyone wants to know: Is Santa Claus real? People ponder the Kris Kringle origin and all the Santa Claus names such as Saint Nicholas. They even want to know if Tim Allen is the real Santa! He is called is Santa Claus; not Santa Clause; Disney, and other great kids Christmas movie makers, love to Portry the man in red. he Santa Clause is Tim Allen's excellent movie title, but not the correct way to spell Santa Claus. Kids want to know what life is like at the north pole. What is the History of Pare Noel and another perspective on the History Of Santa. Or Moms, dads and kids, teachers or instructors, just search for fun activities on the web Santa animations, photos, videos, Djed Mraz Pictures or jõuluvana games and stories and even non-competitive contests on a child-safe website to share with their wishes children and families around the world that as many of their Christmas wishes as possible come true. And we want to hear from you as well!
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Is Santa Claus real? That's a question everyone needs to answer personally. Here is one theory on the origin of Mr. Claus ? And here is an interesting website with lots of theories, where YOU can vote: Is Santa Claus Real or Not. Here is the Santa Network take on the subject of Is Papa Noel Real or Not? Is Tim Allen the real Papa Noel? Tim Allen did a wonderful job in the movie, "The Santa Clause": Here are 10 great Christmas movies you may also enjoy. Where did the name Santa Claus come from? Here is a great discussion on the origin of Weihnachtsmann and Christmas as celebrated around the world. And, by the way, Santa Claus is spelled: "Claus" with no "e" on the end. The movie "The Santa Clause" refers to a "clause", a legal document that spells out what happens if Weihnachtsmann should fall off the roof or something: Who takes over? What happens to the the new Άγιου Βασίλη? How many cookies will he eat. But please remember, there is no "e" in Santa Claus. What is the North Pole like? Take a look at the North Pole through a live web cam. Or here is the North Pole on a Google Map on Santa Claus I See You - a site dedicated to keeping track of Άγιου Βασίλη... Here is the Wikipedia point of view: North Pole. Let us know what else you would like to see on

Play Free Games, Flash Games, Santa Games, Christmas Games, All kinds of games year-round! Christmas food Christmas Recipes that will make even a day at the North Pole seem warm inside! From Italian to Chinese, every way one can Say Merry Christmas anywhere in the world! Free Eduacational Games. Free Online Educational Games for Children through adult Fre Coloring pages are just the tip of the ICEberg of Fun at Santa Claus' Northpole Tour! Decorate a tree and color a snowman on Many coloring pages to choose from year round fun! Santa Claus Pictures: Free Santa Claus Pictures and Santa Claus Games for Your Blog or Website 101 Great Gifts to Make for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kw Christmas in every language and Santa Claus in every language translated! Write a letter to Santa Claus on or email Santa Claus! Santa Claus Surfing Video: Animated Santa Clause Cartoon Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, in an Elf Volleyball Animated Cartoon. What are Santa's Reindeers' Names? Visit Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph Visit Santa Claus: Animated visit to Santa's House Hear NEW Christmas Songs and Santa Songs before the rest of the world. Or discover the next Christmas classic! Our Santa Celebrates Christmas and, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, Ramadan, Winter Solstice Christmas Songs, Christmas Carols. Just about every Christmas Song ever written. New and undiscovered too! History of Santa Claus: The legend of Santa Claus from a historical perspective and More. Is Santa Claus Real or Not? Ask a Reindeer. Or Rudolph. Gift Registry New Member Registration Play Free Games, Flash Games, Santa Games, Christmas Games, All kinds of games year-round! Santa Claus Christmas Blog: Blog with Santa Claus Play Free Games, Flash Games, Santa Games, Christmas Games, All kinds of games year-round! Play Free Games, Flash Games, Santa Games, Christmas Games, All kinds of games year-round! Santa Claus Christmas Chat Room Chat with Santa Claus. Live Chat. Santa Claus Christmas Animations Click to View Play Free Games, Flash Games, Santa Games, Christmas Games, All kinds of games year-round! Original Christmas Song Search 2014. Hear tomorrow's Christmas Classic or Winter Holiday Classic. Submit your original Christmas Song. Watch Santa fly in his sleigh Vist Santa Claus' Toy Factory and see each elf making a different toy. Santa Claus summer vacation video surfing and hanging five, playing beach volleyball Color a Snowman and Christmas Tree with Santa Claus Visit Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and spend a quiet evening together. Santa's Reindeers, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph Santa Claus Christmas Blog: Blog with Santa Claus
santa claus and santa claus friends playing on the beach. Rudolph and elf group volleyball.

Santa's Reindeer and a creative elf or two playing beach volleyball and surfing

Well Santa Claus is no stranger to the type of summer sporting events you saw in the Olympics in London 2012. We at are working to your family positive, children-safe holiday fun you can feel good about. Our animators have worked with Disney and Sesame Street, so it's fun to bring you Disney Cartoon style Santa Claus Animations and Christmas animations, you and your kids can make a Christmas or holiday list on our Santa's Christmas Wish List Gift Registry, one of the most useful and fun gift registries around! List your gifts here. We have Santa Claus games and more planned for 2014! You can actually see Santa Clause Movie "home videos", now, with Santa Claus on vacation with the elves, reindeer, Mrs. Claus. Santa's reindeer playing all sorts of volleyball, surfing, making toys in the toy factory. Moreaward-winning pictures for kids, Santa Claus animations for your family set at the North Pole, and Santa Claus games are being added right at this moment. We are not all play... We have a Santa Claus History section. We even have some features from 1996 like "Decorate a Christmas Tree" or "Color a Snowman and Christmas Tree" !

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Santa Claus, his family and friends, all welcome you to the Santa Network: Santa Claus Animations and Animated North Pole Christmas Cartoons for Kids from 1- 92. Experience the joy and magic of Santa Claus, Christmas and other special holidays celebrated by different cultures around the world. Santa Claus offer and friends offer an entertaining interactive Christmas experience for everyone to enjoy. Santa Claus invites you to make a Christmas list, watch our animated Christmas Wonderland come to life!

The Santa Network cartoon animated Christmas website is designed to provide more children and family-oriented entertaining and educational Christmas/winter holiday experiences for children, parents, grandparents, and teachers. Central to all we do is FAMILY! We try hard to avoid turning into one of those pay-per-click, affiliate run-of-the-mill Christmas gift product list websites with NO CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. On we measure Christmas spirit, not Christmas revenue! With millions of clicks to Santa's web site each year, we are looking forward to making each year's visit to Sinterklas' dot-net home on the Web more memorable.

Here are some of the most recent gift requests on our gift registry: Find out which are the Most Poplular Christmas present and toys requested here.

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Frosty the Snow Man, Holy Night, The Little Drummer Boy, Hark The Hearld Angels Sing, The 12 Days of Christmas, O Little Town Of Bethlehem, Oh Come, All Ye Faithful, Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas

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Pap· Noel is teaming up with Chemo Duck to help kids fight cancer too!
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